Ticino Festival postponed to October 11 2015
The Ticino Festival is postponed by a week due to the bad weather forecast. It will be held on October 11.
In 2015 the main focus will be on farming. Farmers and gardeners will be cultivating the fields, meadows and gardens in the Museum in traditional fashion, in other words using the bodily strength of man and beast. In the houses produce will be baked, cooked and preserved. For the opening of the season we are celebrating “A trail through the Museum focussing on Grain and Bread” and will be baking in the Oven House from Heitenried.
Museum Map 2015
Recommended East Walk
Recommended East Walk: 3 hours
Recommended West Walk
Recommended West Walk: 2 hours
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Annual theme
Annual theme 2015: ‘‘A well-harnessed team - agriculture in the Open-Air Museum”
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Weather forecast Thu 08.10.2015


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Ticino Festival "Viva il Ticino"
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